Pay with M-PESA Tanzania

You can send the membership fee to our agent in Kenya via Mpesa.

    To send the payment from TANZANIA follow the steps below,

  1. To send money, dial *150*00# to access your M-Pesa menu
  2. Select option 1 SEND MONEY
  3. Select TO M-PESA KENYA
  4. Under “Send money to M-Pesa Kenya” you will see the exchange rate that will be applied
  5. Enter your DESTINATION NUMBER (Safaricom number) starting with +254
  6. Enter your REASON
  7. Enter your AMOUNT IN TSH
  8. Enter your normal M-PESA PIN
  9. You will then Confirm to finalize the transaction

Please submit your email or mobile phone number, then we will send you our M-pesa mobile number.